Is Your Asphalt Not Looking Too Good? Learn How It Can Be Repaired


If you have an asphalt driveway, you'll want to do what it takes to keep it looking great over the years. Unfortunately, damage will happen over the years from normal wear and tear. It is important to repair damage as soon as possible, because leaving them alone will only cause the damage to get bigger over time. Here are three ways that it asphalt can be repaired.

Throw-and-Roll Method

A quick and easy way to fill a pothole is to use the throw-and-roll method. It works by filling the hole with either hot or cold asphalt patching material and then compacting the material down into the pothole. The rolling part is typically done by literally rolling over the pothole with the tire of a heavy truck, but can also be done with a plate compactor.

This method works great for quick fixes in the winter, but can create lasting results when the weather is dry and the patch can properly set.

Infrared Method

The infrared repair method is a highly effective way to repair asphalt damage. It works by using specialized equipment to apply extreme heat to a damaged section of asphalt, making the asphalt soft and easy to break up.

Instead of removing all of the old asphalt, it is spread evenly over the damaged area while the material is hot and soft. This makes the process very environmentally friendly since it uses as much of the existing asphalt as possible. New hot asphalt is then spread on top of the existing asphalt to raise it to the same level as the surrounding pavement.

A plate compactor is used to compress the new asphalt into the ground. The end result is a section of new asphalt that will feel seamless to the surrounding asphalt when you drive over it.

Remove & Replace Method

When the damage to the asphalt is extreme, the best option may be to completely remove and replace a large section of damaged asphalt. This involves drilling out all of the existing asphalt in the damaged area, then pouring new asphalt to create a brand new section. This method takes longer to do than patches, but it will look great and last a long time.

If you are not sure which repair method will work best for your asphalt driveway, contact a local paving contractor, such as one from Western Grade LLC, for assistance. They will be able to look at your driveway, assess how bad the damage is, and recommend a solution to repair it for you.


13 July 2015

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