Three Improvements To Your Home To Help Deal With Water Runoff Problems


If your home has a finished basement, you may have equipment and systems that help protect your home from water damage. This can include things like foundation drain systems, which protect your basement from water and moisture. You may also have a sump pump and well that removes drain water and the waste from plumbing in your basement. Here are some of the systems your basement has and the repairs and maintenance that they will require: 

1. Interior Drain Systems For Removing Water And Moisture

One of the first things that you will need in a finished basement is an interior drain system. This is a system that will help deal with water, as well as moisture that can get into your basement. The interior drain system can be connected to your sump pump and well, which will pump any excess water out of your basement along with the waste from plumbing installations that you have installed.

2. Exterior Grading And Drainage Systems To Protect From Rain Runoff

Exterior drain systems can be another feature to help protect your basement from flooding. This can include French drain systems that are located near the foundation. You can also install drain pipes for gutters and landscaping to give your home an improved landscaping drainage design. If you need to have a place for the water to go, a dry well can be installed to give the excess water a place to go that is away from the foundation of your home. This can be a solution for homes with landscaping drainage problems that can affect the foundation.

3. Improving Foundation Waterproofing Systems To Keep Water Out

Foundation waterproofing systems are also important. Even if you have an interior system, you may still want to do improvements to the exterior of your home to protect your basement from water damage. There are newer membrane systems that can be used to replace asphalt sealant and older systems that are prone to failure and put your basement at risk of water damage. You can also have systems installed to finish the interior walls, which will help protect these areas from moisture that can be caused by condensation.

These are some of the systems that you have in your basement and their maintenance needs. If you need help with the improvement of exterior drainage, contact a paving company to design the watershed and install features, such as drains, dry wells and collection systems for your property.


16 November 2015

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