Four Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Safer For Pedestrians


Your parking lot is where your customers go from being motorists to pedestrians—which means that they're exposed to danger if the parking lot isn't well-maintained. You can look out for the safety and well-being of your customers—while simultaneously reducing the risk you run of lawsuits due to injuries—by taking the following steps.

1.) Improve your lot's lighting.

Generally speaking, if your lighting is more than ten years old, it's probably outdated. Outdoor lighting of parking lots wasn't nearly as well-developed as it is today and you may be using lights that aren't bright enough to provide safety and security for your guests. Many older styles of lamps spread the light outward and up, rather than downward, toward the surface of the lot. If you haven't had the lighting examined in your lot in a while, hire a lighting consultant to examine the fixtures and the lighting to make sure that your customers' needs are being met.

2.) Get an asphalt maintenance plan.

Sealcoating is something that a lot of property managers don't think about doing until the asphalt is already pale and gray, which is too late to really be effective. Your asphalt maintenance program, which includes things like crack filling, sealcoating, and restriping, should begin while the asphalt is still relatively new. Once the asphalt has oxidized and turned gray, there's very little binder left near the surface of the asphalt. That means that sealcoating won't have as much to latch onto and won't be as effective. If your lot isn't properly sealed, cracks and breaks in the asphalt are going to appear much faster and pose a tripping hazard for your guests.

3.) Have a landscaper scale tend to overgrowth.

It isn't unusual for commercial landscaping to see overgrowth. Most commercial landscaping is a combination of hardy plants and hardscaping, which means that it's designed to go long periods of time without needing a lot of care. Unfortunately, that can make it easy to forget about until trees are obscuring the lot's lights and bushes are big enough to provide cover for purse snatchers or thieves. Make sure that you have a landscaper check the lot yearly for overgrowth that could ultimately endanger your guests.

4.) Repaint traffic lines and curbs.

This is a small procedure that can go a long way toward making your lot appear well-kept. It also helps prevent accidents. Well-marked yellow service lanes, clearly defined parking spaces, and curbs that are painted bright yellow or red to alert walkers to the difference in height all combine to make the lot safer for pedestrians. If the paint that's defining the spaces in your lot or marking the curbs seems chipped or worn, it's time to have them redone.


1 August 2016

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