Caring For Your Asphalt Driveway In The Winter


Your asphalt driveway needs special care during the winter months to avoid damage from snow and ice. Putting a plan in place to care for the driveway now can prevent potholes and cracks from taking over the asphalt. Here are a few things you should add to your winter driveway checklist.

Have Your Driveway Sealcoated

Asphalt driveways may not need to be replaced often, but they do need to be sealcoated occasionally. This will create a protective barrier against damaging snow and ice, and it will seal any potholes that may get larger over the winter months.

Stock Up On De-Icer

The constant freezing and thawing of water on your asphalt driveway can cause damage, so it's critical to keep ice away from the surface of your driveway. Be sure to keep a full stock of salt or de-icer on-hand for serious winter weather. When snowstorms hit, it may be difficult to find these materials at your local hardware store. Being prepared is the best way to avoid running out. You may also want to keep a large bag of sand or cat litter on-hand in case you do run out of salt or de-icer, as these materials can be used to create traction on an icy surface. They won't melt the ice, but they will make it easier to get out of your driveway.

Arrange For Snow Removal

Whether you want to remove the snow from your driveway or you want to have a professional do it, making plans in advance will ensure that your property is free from snow. If you plan to do this on your own, be sure to invest in an extra shovel as a backup, and perform maintenance on your snow thrower to make sure it is in good working condition. If you plan to hire a service, make arrangements in the fall to have the driveway cleared whenever it snows. You'll already be on the list, so you can be sure your driveway will be cleared as needed. Be sure to ask about ice removal even when no snow is present. Having an ice storm can make conditions hazardous on your driveway, and it thawing and refreezing over time can compromise your asphalt.

You can also contact a local asphalt paving contractor to perform an inspection and determine if any other preparation is needed. Once your plan is in place, you can rest easy knowing your driveway will make it through the winter weather.


3 August 2016

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