Answers to a Few Questions About Driveway Potholes


Damage to your driveway can be essential for you to repair. However, it is a fairly common issue for homeowners to be uninformed about the steps that are needed to care for this part of the home. In particular, potholes can be a common problem with driveways. Once you have learned the answers to the following few questions, you will find yourself better prepared to address this routine problem.

What Causes a Pothole to Form?

A pothole will form due to the soil under the pavement eroding. As the soil washes away, the weight of the pavement will not be properly supported. This can put intense stress on the pavement where the soil is missing, and this is especially true when you drive over these weakened areas. Eventually, this can result in the pavement collapsing, which will lead to the formation of potholes.

What Happens If You Do Not Repair a Pothole?

Sadly, there are some homeowners that will make the mistake of overlooking the need to repair potholes. However, if you fail to repair potholes, they can rapidly worsen. This is because moisture will seep into the pothole and start to wash away the soil. Also, this damage can make it is possible for moisture to seep into the pavement. When this occurs, further cracks may develop, which can lead to the pothole growing as the pavement weakens.

What Is Involved with Repairing Potholes?

Luckily, the process of repairing potholes through asphalt patching is a fairly simple task. To repair this damage, you will want to fill the pothole with asphalt-patching material so that the pothole area is even with the rest of the pavement. After the patch has fully dried, you will want to apply a sealant to it to prevent moisture from seeping into the pavement. Moisture that seeps into the pavement can cause damage by increasing the pressure on the pavement. This pressure will eventually cause the pavement to develop deep cracks, which will make it easier for the pothole to spread.

In addition to repairing the actual pothole, you will also want to take steps to correct any drainage issues that may be contributing to this problem. To do this, you might want to install gutters, French drains, or other upgrades that will improve the drainage around the driveway. While these upgrades may represent a sizable investment, this can be a worthwhile expense for avoiding this type of damage in the future.  


5 August 2016

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