Protect Your Gravel Driveway From Weed Growth By Creating A Weed Barrier


Gravel driveways are easy to install. They are also easy to maintain. It is because of these reasons that most homeowners opt for gravel when choosing a paving material. However, when weeds develop on the driveway, it usually makes maintenance difficult as one has to regularly uproot them. This, in addition to the fact that weeds usually create ugly spots all over a driveway, can rob the gravel driveway of its stress-free quality. The good news is that this is a problem that is easily solved by installing a weed barrier. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you keep your gravel driveway weed-free.

Get rid of the top layer

The top layer of rocks or soil usually has nutrients and all the necessary materials to ensure that weeds thrive. Any organic material on the driveway area can also decompose. This decomposition may then serve as a nutrient source for weeds. As a result, making sure that the area is free of any organic material is an important step in the weed prevention process.

A tractor will come in handy in helping to do this job. Use it to scrape off the topsoil and any other organic materials off the ground. When you are done, level the surface.

Create a solid base

The goal of the weed barrier is to cut off anything that might encourage any growths to thrive. Compacting the remaining surface creates a solid layer that weeds are less likely to penetrate through. They can therefore not get access to light. Seepage of water through this base will also be harder, reducing the likelihood of weed growth.

To create a dense and stable base for your driveway, use a compactor to press the dirt down. This will increase the soil's density, reduce the rate of driveway deterioration while also eliminating any spaces that weeds might exploit when they try to invade your driveway.

Use a fabric

While compacting the soil underneath the the driveway is great at forming a not-so-easy-to-penetrate layer, continued use usually loosens the the compaction-caused bonds. The impermeability of the layer is therefore not likely to hold for long, something that may then force you to worry about weed removal.

To ensure a long-lasting barrier exists between the gravel and the soil, use a geotextile fabric. Roll it over the compacted surface and then cover it with it with gravel. After you are done, press down on the gravel using a compactor to create a durable and smooth gravel surface that is weed-proof.

For more information, contact a residential paving contractor.


11 August 2016

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