Commonly Asked Questions About Paving A Home's Driveway


A paved driveway can be essential for allowing convenient access to your home. Unfortunately, there are many homes that lack this basic feature, and this can impact both the value of the property as well as its aesthetics. When this is the case, you may want to invest in having a paved driveway added to your property, but if this is not an upgrade that you have ever done before, you might need to learn the answers to a few common questions.

What Type Of Weather Is Needed For Paving A Driveway?

To ensure that the pavement dries correctly, it is important to make sure that this work is done when the weather is optimal. Typically, this will require the temperature to be above freezing and for the forecast to be free of rain for the next several days. If the pavement is poured when these conditions are not met, it may be more likely to crack or become deformed.

Is It Necessary To Add Gutters To The Sides Of The Driveway?

There are many homeowners that may want to reduce the cost of this upgrade as much as possible. Due to this, you may be tempted to avoid having gutters added. While gutters will increase the cost of paving the driveway, this can be essential for preventing water damage from occurring. Over time, it can be possible for water to seep under the driveway from the edges. This can erode the soil under the pavement as well as saturate it with moisture, and both of these issues can cause severe cracking to occur.

How Long Will The Paving Process Take?

The amount of time needed to complete this project can be another reason that some individuals are hesitant about committing to this investment. In most cases, this type of project will need a day for excavation and another day for pouring the asphalt. Once the asphalt has been poured, you will need to give it at least a few days to fully dry and cure. Otherwise, you may cause indentation to form.

Paving your home's driveway can be a great investment that provides numerous benefits to your property. However, you may be overlooking this upgrade if you do not have the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. By understanding the weather conditions needed to pave a driveway, the importance of having gutters installed as well as the time needed for this project to be completed, you can make sound choices when it concerns paving your home's driveway.


7 November 2016

Decorating Your Pavement

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