Revitalize A Worn And Cracked Asphalt Walkway


If an asphalt walkway is showing signs of wear and contains a few small cracks in its surface, revitalize the area by filling in damaged spots with cold asphalt patch by completing the project below. Once finished, apply sealer to the pavement in order to transform its appearance into one that is newer. 

Materials Needed

  • push broom
  • thin file
  • vacuum cleaner with hose
  • asphalt cleanser
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • bucket of patch
  • trowel
  • tamper
  • vinyl tarps
  • asphalt sealant
  • thick-napped roller and frame
  • extension handle (designed for paint rollers)

Collect Loose Pieces Of Debris And Remove Stains

Use a push broom to sweep up dirt and small fragments of asphalt that are located near the cracks in the walkway. In order to eliminate residue from each crack's interior, dislodge materials from them with a thin file. Use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck up any small pieces of asphalt that you have difficulty removing with the file. Eliminate oily or dirty residue from the walkway's surface with an asphalt cleanser that has been mixed with water in a bucket.

Apply the cleaning agent to the asphalt's surface with a long-handled brush. Apply more asphalt cleanser to the bucket in order to strengthen it if any of the stains are deeply embedded in the asphalt surface. Rinse the asphalt off with a strong stream of water and wait for the walkway to dry.

Fill Cracks And Apply Sealant

Apply an even layer of cold asphalt patch to the end of a trowel. Wedge the tip of the tool into each crack in order to fill all of them with the product. Press down on the surface of the repaired areas with a tamper. A tamper will flatten the patch and provide the walkway with a level surface. Once the patch dries, cover the property that borders the walkway with vinyl tarps. Pour asphalt sealant into a paint tray.

Dip a thick-napped paint roller that is attached to an extension handle into the tray in order to cover it with the sealant. Roll the sealant over the asphalt surface in straight lines. After the initial coat of sealant has dried, add a second one if you notice that some portions of the asphalt were not sufficiently covered with the first layer of sealant. After the second layer dries, remove the tarps from the ground and use the walkway in a normal manner. 

For professional assistance with maintaining your asphalt walkway, contact a company like Interstate Paving LLC.


30 November 2016

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After I began working with a friend of mine to beautify my yard, I realized that there was one piece of the puzzle that I seemed to be missing. My driveway and front sidewalk were in dire disrepair, and I knew that I needed to do something to make things right. I worked with a paving contractor to completely patch, refinish, and stain the pavement, and when he was done the area blended right into my design aesthetic. This blog is all about decorating your pavement by doing things like using concrete acid stain and hiring professionals to add decorative details.