Asphalt Applications Around the Home: 4 Surprising Uses for Asphalt


When most people think of asphalt, they think of driveways. It's true that drives and parking lots are commonly created and maintained using asphalt, but asphalt has so much more to offer. It is a highly versatile material that can be used in numerous applications, especially around the home. Asphalt-based products can quickly help you tackle your "to-do" list. What's more, asphalt may even drastically reduce the amount of work you'll have to do in the future, as you will soon see. The following are four surprising uses for asphalt around the home. 

Vandalism Prevention

Garages and buildings constructed with cinder block are perfect canvases for street artists or vandals, whichever you like to call them. Regardless, if one paints a masterpiece on your building, you will spend a great deal of time trying to remove it. If you coat the building with asphalt paint, however, you can simply do away with the unwanted image without the use of stripping agents or heavy chemicals. All you will have to do is spray a little more asphalt paint over top of the image, and you're done.

Wood Protection

With time, unprotected wood will succumb to the elements by rotting and falling apart. If you want to protect your wooden structures, you will need to waterproof them. Asphalt sealant is an amazing waterproofing agent. It will protect your wood as well as any metal fasteners and screws that are attached to the wood. What's more, asphalt sealant can be used underground, so you can get the posts of your deck as well. 

Tree Conservation

Liquid and paste asphalt are a tree's best friend, especially if that tree has an open wound caused by limb removal, storm damage, or an insect infestation. If you coat open wounds with liquid asphalt or place paste asphalt in gouges and cracks, you will prevent further damage to the tree because the sealant will block bacteria and other pests. 

Waterproofing Aid

As mentioned, asphalt makes a great waterproofing agent. You can use it to waterproof your basement to prevent water intrusion. Rubber asphalt can also be used as flashing around doors and windows. It has practical applications in other waterproofing projects as well. 

As you can see, there are many asphalt-based products that can make projects around the house much easier. If you have an upcoming project to tackle, think about tackling it with asphalt or asking your contractor to use an asphalt-based product. 


19 January 2017

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