How To Fix Cosmetic Foundation Cracks


Concrete foundations are obviously important structural features in your home. Usually, they are extremely durable and you won't have any problems. The most common issue that homeowners have with their concrete foundation, especially those that are exposed, is that they get small, cosmetic cracks on the top. This is bound to happen due to natural soil shifting and it usually isn't a major worry. You can quite easily fix small cosmetic issues on your concrete foundation, but large cracks should be professionally repaired because they could have structural implications. This article explains when and how you should make repairs to concrete cracks.

Use Concrete Crack Filler

Filling the small cracks is a cheap and easy way to cosmetically improve your concrete foundation, while also preventing the crack from growing larger. The job is usually very easy if you use a premixed concrete crack filler. This comes in various forms, but a tub with a resealable lid will be the most convenient, and allow you to make running repairs.

All you need to apply to crack filler is a plastic putty knife. Of course, before you apply any crack filler, you want to clean out the crack as well as possible using a high power hose vacuum. If there are any weeds growing out of your crack, you want to remove them and use some weed killer to prevent them from going again before you apply any crack filler.

Patching concrete cracks is not that different from patching wood, however the substance is much stickier. All you really need to do is fill the crack and scrape away the top to make the surface flat. This is very important because it prevents the top corners of your cracked concrete from getting worn down and growing bigger overtime. Even small cosmetic cracks can become trip hazards, so it is good to fix the mess soon as possible.

Matching the Colors

Usually, matching the color of your concrete can be very difficult, if not completely impossible. This is due the fact that your existing concrete, especially if it is outside, is bound to fade and get stained. But, having a field crack, even if the color doesn't match 100%, is going to be much better and having an empty crack that is a trip hazard and constantly getting bigger.

When it comes to making cosmetic repairs to your foundation, it will be helpful to have crack filling supplies on hand. You can quickly fix small cracks before they become that noticeable. Visit a site like for more help.


26 November 2017

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