3 Advantages Of Heated Driveways


Heated driveways, as their name would indicate, are a particular type of paved surface that have heating elements installed underneath the pavement. Heated driveways are most commonly made out of pavers, which are individual stones installed together to form a flat surface, though concrete and asphalt driveways are also sometimes installed with heating elements underneath the pavement as well.

Due to their unique method of construction, heated driveways possess a number of distinctive benefits.  Understanding what some of the largest advantages associated with a heated driveway are can help you determine if you should consider installing one on your property.

1. Reduced Physical Maintenance

The most obvious benefit associated with installing a heated driveway is the fact that you will not have to shovel ice and snow as much, if at all. Heated driveways can be placed on a timer or manually turned on to automatically melt through ice and snow, meaning that you can easily wake up to a clear driveway after a particularly bad snow storm and clear off any buildup as needed throughout the day. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend out in the poor weather.

2. Improved Safety

In a similar train of thought to the above point, installing a heated driveway on your property can also help reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling on your driveway because of ice and snow buildup that you have not yet had the chance to clear. This is especially important for elderly homeowners or those with small children, both of whom are at a higher risk of injuring themselves if they fall. It can also help reduce the risk of liability associated with mail carriers, delivery people or anyone else trying to get to your front door slips on your driveway.

3. Reduced Pavement Damage

Another advantage of choosing to install a heated driveway in your home is the fact that making use of heat to clear ice and snow instead of salt and other deicing elements can help reduce the damage that your pavement experiences. Salt and other de-icing materials can prove to be corrosive to asphalt, concrete and other paving materials, which can leave stains and even cause structural damage to your driveway over time. This makes heated driveways a good way to maintain the overall physical integrity of your driveway, especially for colder climates that require a significant amount of constant ice removal.

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3 September 2018

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