Ask Your Blacktop Contractor These Questions Before Signing The Contract


Maintaining the asphalt paving on your property is important when it comes to keeping up the overall appearance of your business or personal property. If the upcoming work needed will tackle more than just a basic driveway, you'll want to take some time to make sure you find the right asphalt company for the job. Here are some important considerations you should keep in mind before committing to work with an asphalt paving contractor in your neck of the woods.

How Much Recycled Asphalt Are We Dealing With Here?

More and more asphalt paving companies today use asphalt from recycled materials, and for the most part, that's a great thing. By choosing a company that taps into the recycling process, you'll be doing something good for the environment while lowering your own environmental footprint on the world.

But you should also ask your paving company just how much recycled material there is within their asphalt. They should be able to give you a general percentage. While recycling is great, using nothing but recycled materials in the asphalt mix could possibly lead to a lower grade product. You want to find a firm that uses a good mix of recycled materials, but not too much.

Can They Handle Your Deadline?

If you are paving something on a commercial property, it might be very important that the work gets done within a certain time frame. Communicate this up front and inquire about the likelihood of getting the job done on time. Ask how many workers they will be committing to the project and if they can have all hands and equipment on deck immediately, or if there will be a delay of any kind at the start. Does the paving company's equipment appear to be updated and ready to tackle the job without breaking down or requiring a lengthy maintenance break?

Can They Cover You?

Finally, always make sure that your asphalt paving service carries their own insurance that will cover anything that happens on your property. If it's a bigger job, you might want to ask for proof of insurance before you sign on the dotted line. This will ensure that if any equipment is damaged, workers are injured,or damage to your own property occurs, that you will be fully protected or covered from any negative consequences.

Contact a local asphalt paving contractor with a few questions to give you better peace of mind as you move forward with this job.


21 August 2019

Decorating Your Pavement

After I began working with a friend of mine to beautify my yard, I realized that there was one piece of the puzzle that I seemed to be missing. My driveway and front sidewalk were in dire disrepair, and I knew that I needed to do something to make things right. I worked with a paving contractor to completely patch, refinish, and stain the pavement, and when he was done the area blended right into my design aesthetic. This blog is all about decorating your pavement by doing things like using concrete acid stain and hiring professionals to add decorative details.