Caring For Your Asphalt Driveway In The Winter


Your asphalt driveway needs special care during the winter months to avoid damage from snow and ice. Putting a plan in place to care for the driveway now can prevent potholes and cracks from taking over the asphalt. Here are a few things you should add to your winter driveway checklist. Have Your Driveway Sealcoated Asphalt driveways may not need to be replaced often, but they do need to be sealcoated occasionally.

3 August 2016

Four Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Safer For Pedestrians


Your parking lot is where your customers go from being motorists to pedestrians—which means that they're exposed to danger if the parking lot isn't well-maintained. You can look out for the safety and well-being of your customers—while simultaneously reducing the risk you run of lawsuits due to injuries—by taking the following steps. 1.) Improve your lot's lighting. Generally speaking, if your lighting is more than ten years old, it's probably outdated.

1 August 2016

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Tips


Keeping a parking lot in good repair begins the moment it is installed. Sunlight, rain, wind, and traffic all begin wearing down the asphalt. By implementing an immediate maintenance routine, you can prolong the life of the parking lot and minimize the need for a premature replacement. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Apply an asphalt sealant New asphalt can take several months to cure, but once it has cured, it is time to consider sealing.

10 May 2016

Running Out Of Money Building Your Home? Where To Save Outside


Are you building a home but you're stressing about how to pay for all the things you need on the exterior of the home? If so, there are ways you can save a lot of money to relieve some of the financial strains. You don't have to go overboard when it comes to the exterior of the house and instead, you can use this area to save money for other expenses.

8 February 2016

Three Improvements To Your Home To Help Deal With Water Runoff Problems


If your home has a finished basement, you may have equipment and systems that help protect your home from water damage. This can include things like foundation drain systems, which protect your basement from water and moisture. You may also have a sump pump and well that removes drain water and the waste from plumbing in your basement. Here are some of the systems your basement has and the repairs and maintenance that they will require: 

16 November 2015

Porous Asphalt Is The Environmentally Responsible Choice, But Will It Work For Your Parking Lot?


Asphalt paving is a very popular choice for parking lots, both durable and flexible. But it's not usually considered "green." By using porous asphalt and making your parking lot permeable to water, however, you can turn that paved area into an environmentally friendly piece of pavement. Why Should You Consider Porous Asphalt? Porous asphalt reduces the demand on storm sewer systems; if you are building your parking lot in an area where the local government charges storm-water fees to owners of paved areas, check to see whether they offer reduced fees for using permeable pavement.

10 August 2015

A Comparison Between Gravel And Asphalt Driveways


Your driveway is the first aesthetic component of your home that people notice, so it shouldn't be overlooked or allowed to deteriorate. If you are planning to install a new driveway, you may be considering what type of material could best suit you. Asphalt and gravel are some of the most used materials, as they are both affordable and easy to install. However, each material provides a unique set of pros and cons.

28 July 2015